Engadine Crusaders

Balls for Balls

We're hosting a Balls for Balls fundraiser!

It’s time to get ballsy about men’s cancers! 

This year, more than 76,700 Australian men are expected to be diagnosed with cancer. We want to change this so we're hosting a Balls for Balls fundraiser to raise funds for men’s cancers. 

Please sponsor us today. Money raised through Balls for Balls will help fund vital research into men's cancers and support those affected at every stage. 

Thank you for your donation!

Thank you to our Sponsors



Top stuff Mitch 👌


Riverina Ag Repairs

Wish I could be there to do it


Ian Grose


Jim Hankins

Goodonya Mitch!


William Webeck

Well done, Mitch. Great cause.


Shannon Bethe



I hope there is a nice shiny bald head to see on Saturday!


Paul Cook

Good on you Mitch!


Vision Personal Training Engadine


Alistair Proctor

Great cause Mitch


Tim W








Terry Durbridge

Can I draw a line to make it look like a butt


Matt Gurney

On ya mate


Tim Whalan


Yiyi Chen

Hi : Good luck ! I heard u we’re doing this from ur mum ... all for a good cause !




The Prior Family


Barbara Peli

Good on you Mitch!




Susan Jones

Since I tagged you in the post a few weeks ago thought I should contribute. Good on you for having a go even though you don't have a alot to shave 💇‍♂️👏😂


Chris Mcnaught

Good on you guys!




George Paradisis