Pizza Night In

By Danni Thompson

Help me create a cancer free future!

Hey y’all! So here’s a fun story: I won a lil competition and got a heap of free candles. The comp was run by the Cancer Council for their Girls Night In campaign.

ANYWHO I thought I’d honour that and do a little pizza night in. Because I love you all I thought I’d invite you all regardless of gender ??

You don’t need to bring anything. I’ll make pizza and plenty of snacks, I’ll also make sangria and cocktails with my homemade strawberry liquor. Just please donate whatever you can ? no amount is too small.

Love you all! Also if I’ve missed anyone or if you want to bring someone just let me know xx 

Every day almost 12 Queensland women will hear those dreaded words, “you have cancer” and while the survival rate has increased, there is still more work to be done.

That’s why we’re bringing everyone together - to raise funds to get us closer to a future free from women’s cancers.

Your support will be powering vital research, prevention and support services. Making a difference to so many in their most vulnerable time, now and into the future.

Together, we can create a future for all Queensland women.

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