PLENA Healthcare Social Team

By Jessica Langton

Help PLENA, help to create a cancer free future!

As a team at PLENA healthcare, we work in an environment day-to-day where we are surrounded by many amazing women. Considering that majority of our staff are women, there is always the looming and unfortunate reality that throughout our time here at PLENA, at least one or more of the women in our workspace may be (or have already been) effected by some form of woman's cancer.

This special, staff driven afternoon tea, is done in recognition of women past, present and future who will/have/shall suffer from cancer and its effects on those whom we love.

Please make the time to come to and share in a drink, and purchase a gold-coin donation cupcake and  ribbon to help us raise funds for this cause as a team. If you cannot attend in person, (or simply don't carry cash) please feel free to donate online and let me know, and I'll save you a cupcake and ribbon for the next time we see you!

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Monday 25th Oct
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Holly Osborn

Awesome idea, well done!


Maree Stepancic

Thank you for organising, this is such an important cause. Well done, ladies.


Antonia Albanese

Thanks for organising! Cause close to my heart 💗


Amelia Ullmer

Great idea Jess, thanks for organising :)


Jessica Langton

We can do this!


Georgia Naylon

Such a good cause and one very close to my heart 💜 thank you girls for organising


Plena Team

This is the collection from the office - gold coin donations! xo


Toni Albanese


Tenille Douglas

Sorry I missed it :(


Esther Crooks


Nadia Covino

Loved this!


Helen Lienert


Carly Crooks


Carly Brady


Karla Bednarik