Cleaning in Lismore for a reason

By Jodie Tupper

cleaning for cancer!

We are  committed to helping our community have a healthy and clean home one way we love to give back to our community is by providing free cleaning to cancer patients in the Lismore NSW area Since 2019 NSW certified cleaning service has offered free cleaning to our kids in there Welcome Home cancer packThis year am also challenging my business  to support Cancer Council in their mission for a cancer free future.

Because 1 in 2 Australians will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime, I’m raising funds to show my support.  

Please sponsor NSW certified cleaning service to support cancer research and provide vital services for Australians living with cancer.

The inspiration for cleaning for a reason in Lismore come after i find out about cleaning for a reason in the United States and Canada and identifying that there is no service in the Lismore area that is cleaning for free for cancer patients.

Our customers know that a clean home enhances quality of life but for millions of cancer patients battling cancer there don't have the resources to hire outside help to clean during this difficult time. This is why we have joined Cancer council to raise awareness for the cancer council and help make a difference in the lives of our community by helping to keep our customers homes healthy and clean.

When undergoing cancer treatment it can be a difficult time for you and your family and the last thing you want to do when you are  going through treatment is the house work.

 We understand that if you have been diagnose with cancer you maybe facing some difficult times! maintaining a clean home can be challenging. 

We want to take the stress of having a clean home off your hands so you can look after your health and spend your time with your family.

What will the cleaning entail?

Our regular maintenance cleaning will include dusting, cleaning and sanitizing of the kitchen, dining room, family room, bedroom, bathroom and vacuuming and moping of the floors. Two free house cleanings while undergoing cancer treatment. 

Do you know someone that is undergoing cancer treatment or Are you undergoing cancer treatment If you would like free cleaning and you are a cancer patient or a member of the family that need this free service let us know 

 Thank you for your generous donation. Together, we can free the future from cancer.

Since 2006 cleaning for a reason in the united states and Canada have provided over 1,200 maid service in all 50 states and Canada  and have donated more than $12 Million in house cleaning to more than 37,000 cancer patients. for information on cleaning for a reason in the United states and Canada  go to

Thank you to my Supporters


Jodie Tupper