Matt's Head Shave

Balls for Balls

I’m hosting a Balls for Balls fundraiser!

It’s time to get ballsy about men’s cancers! 

This year, more than 76,700 Australian men are expected to be diagnosed with cancer. I want to change this so I’m hosting a Balls for Balls fundraiser to raise funds for men’s cancers. 

Please sponsor me today. Money raised through Balls for Balls will help fund vital research into men's cancers and support those affected at every stage. 

Thank you for your donation!

Thank you to my Sponsors


Cronulla Rsl

Good on you Matt from everyone at Cronulla RSL



On ya Axe


Justin Ressler



Shave that nut


Cronulla Rsl Stingrays Canteen

Plus all the red frogs or lollies you can eat for the rest of the season!! - fantastic initiative President Matt


Rhys Brotherton

Good on ya Axe It’s a great cause and will all give us a good laugh


Shaun Crocker

Well done Max.


Damian Pisano


Shelley Hagan

Risky!! Here’s hoping it grows back ... and next time read the fine print 😘🤣


Keith Ward


David Browne

Awesome effort Matt


Dan Larter


Thomas Van Overloop


Loreto Ciccarelli

Good cause Ackers.Leading the team as per usual.


Carlos Aguilar


Steve Ackerman

Beanies are always in fashion,!


Riley James And Family

Great cause Mr Ackerman!


Mick Ryan

Love your work Axe. Look forward to seeing your melon!


Sue O’keefe

Good luck Matt, are you sure it will grow back?🤣🤣



Well Done Axe great support and awareness for such a good cause ✂️ The Malleys



Can’t wait to see the after photos!!! Great cause Axe!


Kieran And Kim Bedwell



Go Hard Look Hard



So proud of you dad!!



Good on ya mate!! I hope you get a few beanies for your bday. Hard to imagine you without hair!!


Ryan Ackerman


Mark Bennett

AL12 lads wish you luck


Steven Reilly


Andy Ward


Ole-kristian Bergene


Daniel Pereira

Well done Matt


Blake And Ryan Klaassen

Great job Matt - hope it’s not too cold for the next few Saturdays


David Ward

Go on ya Matty


Claude Bova

Good on ya mate. All the best from AL12s


J Devine


Lisa Rampoldi


Kath Swadling



Nice work! Am sure you’ve got plenty of Sharkies beanies to keep your head warm this winter. Cheers, Kel xx


Troy Thompson

Good onya mate!