Infinite Fragrance With Miranda's Girl's Nite In

By Miranda Farrell

Everyone has been touched by Cancer in some way shape or form.

Please Join me for my Girls' Night In online Friday 22nd October from 8pm until Sunday 24th October 10pm, or donate online to help me reach my fundraising goal! I will be doing multiple Zoom meetings within my facebook group over the few days! 

Let’s have a great time together and help Cancer Council raise funds to support vital cancer research, prevention and support services. Donations will make a big difference for all cancers across Australia.

I lost my Mother when I was 18yrs old to cancer she was only 40 years old at the time. This year I turned which has been very stressful due  to fear of history repeating itself. 

I have had Cervical Cancer cut out twice and had a scare that I had Non - Hodgkin's Lymphoma which is the cancer that took my mother. 

Every Little Bit Helps. Xoxo
I look forward to having a night in with you!