By Nced cloud


  • Just click on the URL which will take you to login page.

  • You  will be able to log in and access the NCEdCloud Service once  your account has been set up with NCEdCloud.

  • There will be a page titled with  Rapid Identity, you can log in there by filling your account details

  • Fill in you username and password

  • Clock on Go

  • You will gain access to the dashboard

  • If you do not have an account  you should click on “claim your account” button.

How to claim your account at NCEdCloud?

  • Click on claim my account button from the webpage


    Choose “LEA Student Claim Policy” and after that click on next

  • Fill the required information which is asked to you

  • You should remember your Student ID number, which is also known as the Pupil Number

  • The student ID number is assigned from the power school and you must enter the current school grade from 6 to 13

  • The birthday should be entered with the required formatting with grades K-2

  • The “LEA Code /Charter Code is 600”

  • You have to type in the Captcha code to ensure that you are not a robot to proceed further

  • Once you have logged in you need to create a new password in compliance with the rules for creating a password format that the system will accept

  • After that you have to click on next and answer the security questions

  • Following that you will get a confirmation page

  • Now you can use the username and password to log on to the home page