Thank you so much to everyone who signed up to knit and crochet!

Knit for Cancer 2020 was an overwhelming success. We were blown away by your incredible generosity and have absolutely loved seeing your creations. 

Because of the community’s tremendous generosity, we received many more knitted goods in 2020 than expected. Due to this influx of donations, we are no longer accepting beanies and/or scarves in 2021. 

There’s no need to put down your knitting needles!

You can still sell your knitted goods to help raise funds for people affected by cancer – just register to ‘Sell Something’ on Do It For Cancer. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why aren’t you accepting any more knitted goods?  

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We were blown away by your incredible generosity and have absolutely loved seeing your creations. Because of the sheer volume of goods received in 2020, we’re unable to receive and store any further beanies or scarves in 2021.  

Cosy knitted goods are quite bulky, and we simply don’t have enough space to store additional donations.  

What’s happening to the beanies and scarves that have already been knitted? 

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Every beanie and scarf that passed our quality control will be sold or used to fundraise in 2021 to raise vital funds for cancer research, prevention programs and support services  with a portion of beanies and scarves being donated directly to cancer patients going through treatment. 

Why haven’t they been used yet? 

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We’ve just completed the sorting of all the knitted items received. As we received many more than anticipated, it has taken longer to sort through all the packages our wonderful knitters sent. Additionally, due to COVID-19 restrictions, our staff and volunteers have had limited time in the office, leading to further delays. 

How do I sell my knitting to raise money for people affected by cancer? 

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Whatever you choose to sell, we can help make your big sale a success! Sign up to ‘Sell Something’ on Do It For Cancer and we’ll send you a free host kit with everything you need. Visit

Don't have time to knit? You can still make an impact!

Every year in NSW, almost 48,000 people will hear

the words "you have cancer", and they need your help more than ever. 

Support people affected by cancer in 2020 by making a life-changing donation today.

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About Cancer Council

Cancer Council is the only Australian charity to work across every area of cancer, from research to prevention and support - helping people from the point of diagnosis through to treatment and survivorship.

We are over 94% funded by the community, which means that without the support of incredible people like you, important research and support services could not continue.

Thank you for your generosity and ongoing support.