7 handy fundraising tips

24 Sep 2021

Girls Night In SA event fundraising tips

Hosting an event or taking part in a Cancer Council SA challenge is about having fun, while raising funds to make a difference to South Australians impacted by cancer.

Your special fundraiser will help to fund life-saving cancer research, prevention, advocacy programs, and support services to help those affected at every stage of their cancer journey.

We wanted you to know how important your fundraising is, and what a difference you will make to those who need it most. 

To help you get the most from your fundraising experience, we’ve put together a handy fundraising guide with 7 steps to reach your goals.

Let’s get started:

  1. Set yourself a goal. Make a plan to reach a challenging, yet achievable fundraising goal. So many of our fundraisers are amazed at how much support they receive and how quickly they reach their goals!

  2. Spread the word. No matter what you’re doing, tell people about it! Invite them to join you at your event, ask them to donate funds or prizes or simply ask people to share a post about your fundraiser on social media.

  3. Lead the way. Making a self-donation is a great way to set the tone, be an example to others and show just how much you care about the cause.

  4. Think outside the box. You don’t have to just fundraise on the day and in one way—think about what you can do in the lead up to your event or challenge. You can raise funds by organising raffles, bake sales and silent auctions before your big day.

  5. Get personal. So many of us have a personal reason for supporting a cancer free future. Let people know your reason, and what you care about.

  6. Keep people updated. Whether you’ve reached your goal, or are just $100 away, let people know about your progress. You’d be surprised how many people want to see you succeed.

  7. Say thank you. Give those who donate to you a shout out or send them a personal thank you message.

No matter how you choose to fundraise, remember, you are making a difference to South Australian’s impacted by cancer. Even by raising awareness, you are helping.

Still not sure where to start? Our team of fundraising experts are here to help. We can give you tips on how to get started, event ideas, links to resources, or just chat!

Contact us on 1300 65 65 85 for more information—and from all of us at Cancer Council SA, thank you for your support. 

Girls’ Night In events are held in October and November to raise funds for women’s cancers—why not join the sisterhood and host your own event and put our fundraising ideas into practice!

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