Katie ran 5km every day

Katie lost her father to kidney cancer when he was only 54 years old. Motivated to support cancer research, Katie committed to run 5km every day for one month and raised an incredible $2,800.

“I want to help fight the disease that nobody deserves to get.”

Dan shaved his head

Dan’s mother’s cousin was diagnosed with terminal cancer. To make a positive difference at a difficult time, he decided to shave his hair, raising $2,410.

“I wanted to raise money in a way that would create a 'buzz' among my family and friends."

Anouk quits sugar

After her grandfather passed away from brain cancer, 11-year-old Anouk gave up sugar for an entire month and raised $1,485.

“Giving up sugar was really hard, but it felt wonderful to raise money for an amazing cause. It made me feel like I could actually do something to help the people I knew who were affected by cancer.”

Class 2H sold pancakes

After losing two teachers in their school to cancer, class 2H at Fairfield Public School held a pancake sale to support Cancer Council and raised $130.

“It was unanimous that all students wanted to give the money we raised to Cancer Council to show our support"

Kosta’s weight loss challenge

After losing his mother to thyroid cancer, Kosta pledged to donate $100 for every kilogram he lost during May, plus another $10 for every $100 donated by his friends. He lost 12kg and raised over $6,000!

“I chose Cancer Council as it's a cause that’s close to my heart. I lost my mother four years ago and have vowed to do what I can to rid the world of this terrible disease.”

Hurlers shaved their hair

Hurlers football club took on a group shave challenge in support of Cancer Council, as many of the team members have friends and family members affected by cancer. They raised an impressive $4,342.

“We wanted to help out where we could."

Sharyn hosted a fitness class

Motivated to promote a healthy lifestyle and help people affected by cancer, every year Sharon hosts a Monster Fitness Class for 200 people. Over the past 10 years, she has raised nearly $10,000 – a phenomenal achievement.

"We are excited about raising more money for Cancer Council. We are hoping for over 230 people to join us this year to get fit in a fun way.”

Sarah and Deniz tied the knot

Wanting to give a meaningful gift attheir wedding, Sarah and Deniz gave Cancer Council pins as wedding favours for their guests. Their generous act was met with a rousing round of applause at their reception, which left a tingle in the spine of most.

“Knowing it will make a difference is very rewarding and fulfilling.”

Halloween haunted house

Every Halloween, two neighbouring houses on Edith Avenue in Sydney transform into spooky haunted houses and collect donations for Cancer Council. In 2016 they raised $130.

"If we can teach at least one person in the community to give back and do good, then mission accomplished."

We would love to hear all about your efforts to help free the future from cancer, please share your story with us.

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