Shave, Cut or Colour

Shaving your head is a powerful way to raise awareness and join the fight against cancer. Whether you shave your head, dye your hair, wax your legs or chop off your ponytail, your courageous act will inspire your friends to support you.

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I'll make a Hairy Sacrifice!

Shave your hair

Crop your locks!

Shaving your head is a great way to show people that you mean business about fighting cancer.

You can auction off sections of your hair, let your highest sponsor decide what type of shave it will be (Mohawk, lightning bolt or stripes) or let your sponsors get involved in the shave!

Not so hairy on top? Shave your beard or moustache.

Parand shaved her head to honour her friend
Hossein she lost to cancer and raised $3,600

Wax it off

No pain, no gain!

Wax your legs, chest or commit to a full body wax!

Your friends will love seeing you cringe and you can even sell them wax strips to give them a great incentive to make a donation.

You could also host a public wax off at work and auction off the privilege of ripping off a strip!

Dye your hair

Dye your hair, beard or moustache a crazy colour to stand out from the crowd and show everyone your commitment to fight cancer. 

Pink, purple, yellow, orange or rainbow – whatever colours you choose, it’s a great way to stand out to encourage your friends and family to support you. 

You can even let your sponsors choose the colour…the highest donation gets the honour!

Brogan chopped off his man-bun and dyed his
hair pink for his mum who was diagnosed with
breast cancer and raised $3,000!

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Case study: Sophie's Shave

Sophie Tysoe is 15 years old.

Her beloved grandfather passed away from lung cancer when she was 12 and she made her personal pledge to honour her grandfather and join the fight against cancer.

As Sophie told us, "I have always thought about what it would be like if he was still around, not only for me to know him better but also for my family. Grandpa missed out on seeing me graduate from primary school which made me really sad."

Sophie pledged to shave her hair "to find cures for those suffering so that other families can spend a little more time with the people they love."

Sophie asked her friends to sponsor her shave through her fundraising page and she raised an incredible $5,000 to fight cancer!