Give up a bad habit

Give up alcohol, sugar, smoking, junk food or coffee for a month! You'll create healthier habits and your fundraising efforts will make a difference in the fight against cancer.

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Yes - I'll quit!

How to do it

What's your vice - that not-so-healthy habit you can't live without?

For many of us it's chocolate, a glass of wine after work or coffee. For others it's social media, smoking or fast food.

Could you last a whole month without it? It will be a tough challenge... but think how good you'll feel to do something positive for your health while fundraising to help beat cancer!

Whatever you choose to give up, you'll thank yourself for it and so will millions of Australians affected by cancer.

And who knows - you might kick that bad habit for good!

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Case study: Ben quits liquids

Ben Wilheim lost his father to pancreatic cancer in September 2014, the same cancer that took his cousin Danielle. To honour his dad, Ben decided to take on a personal challenge to fight cancer and quit ALL liquids except water for one month.

“My fundraiser was about positive lifestyle changes, keeping healthy and raising money to help others... I would like to contribute to finding a cure and beating cancer. A month of only water is nothing compared to what my father went through but it’s a small way I can help,” Ben told us.

Ben asked people to sponsor him through his fundraising page and had such positive response that he repeated his challenge 12 months later, raising over $32,000 in total for cancer research!