Going, Going, Gone!

By Andrea Cosgrove


So today was the big shave off.

At Hair Story, Mount Pleasant, where Cherise has been cutting my hair for many years, she shaved off all my hair at no charge as a donation to the Cancer Council. Thanks Cherise!

Family and friends came along to show support. 

It certainly feels and looks different  

$4,776 raised. 

Feeling grateful. 

going... going...

So yesterday I had my last cut and colour before the shave off on 23rd December. It's a bit scarier now. My hairdresser has suggested getting my hair coloured in bright hues as it grows back, or wearing wigs or turbans. It might be a good chance to go blonde!

I'm lucky to have such great support from my loved ones, friends, and patients. Often people's stories come out, so many of us are directly involved with cancer suffering. 

Thank you again to all my sponsors for your support.

36 days to go!


It’s locked in for 23rd December

The shave off is booked in at Hair Story, Mount Pleasant, in Mackay, on 23rd December at 3.30 pm. The biggest sponsor gets to pick my ‘do. I have booked a simple full shave, but might end up with hot pink and lime green stripes which is even more scary!

Losing it for cancer!

Between my Mum and Dad, they had four cancers. Dad survived his; Mum died from her second one. Every day in my work I am in contact with people living with cancer; I have friends who are living with it too. Usually, I donate funds for cancer research. This time I'm taking a further step. 

The thought of shaving off all my hair is pretty scary for me (but not nearly as scary as it is for someone receiving a cancer diagnosis). My mum hated it when she lost her hair during her cancer treatment. It's part of your identity, especially for a woman. For other people it might be upsetting to see me without my hair. 

At the same time, I want to do this to make a difference. To help understand, to help prevent, to help treat cancer. And to stop people like my Mum from dying from cancer.

Imagine a world where noone dies from cancer. 

So I'm going to lose it for cancer!


I’m doing it for cancer!

I’m challenging myself to shave my hair to support Cancer Council in their mission for a cancer free future.

Because 1 in 2 Australians will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime, I’m losing my locks to raise funds and show my support.  

Please sponsor me to support cancer research and provide vital services for Australians living with cancer.

Thank you for your generous donation. Together, we can free the future from cancer.

Thank you to my Supporters


Jeremy Butler

I hope you don’t have to grow a moustache


Lynn Foster

Great job Andrea - thanks for raising money for such an important cause


Patient Cash Donations At Phmc


Isobel Gillman

All the best Andrea, I hope this is a liberating and fulfilling experience ❤️


Patient Cash Donations At Phmc


Jen Cruickshank

You go girl !! Have a hat ready for you !!!


Clive N Bernadette


Jacqui Worsley

You are an amazing lady and this is a brave and wonderful thing you are doing. Here’s to your new do.


Kylie Francis

Andrea the Brave!


Ian Addison


Bianca Barnard


Marie Comerford


Jo Willmott

You may need a beanie...I'll send one. Or a fez.


Andrea Cosgrove


Julie Boyd

Well done Andrea and I’m sure you’ll look fabulous


Rebecca Foley


Peter Foley

Proud of you for doing this. Love you to.


Rosemary Howard

Good on you !


Michelle Eastwell

Good work Andrea


Muntaser Musameh


Barbara Webster

Well done Andrea; you're braver than me. This contribution is in memory of your mother and my mentor, 'Beautiful Betty'



Good luck


Tara Kay


Louise And Colin Barnes

Well done, proud of you girl! xxxx


Christina Brady


Hamed Kay


Ruth Landsberg

Good on you Andrea! upside... you will look cool , feel cool and save on haircuts!


Carol O’regan


Anita Ames

Very courageous Andrea and we are very happy to support you.


Jess Simmonds

You’re very brave, great work xx


John Foley

That’s great Andrea


Therese Williamson


Jenny Charnley

Way to go Andrea.


Theresa Brickhill


John Moss


Patient Donation


Funky Felt

Go Andrea!


Sandra Booth

So proud of you and your beautiful face will shine bright ❤️


Kathy Mcdougall

Well done Andrea , cancer touches us all


Antonella Sanna

Good luck


Debra Mcmullen

I admire your courage and such a worthy cause.





Mim And Grant Williams

Happy to support your balding cause


Karyn Whitworth


Julie Sullivan

Proud of you such a good cause.


Emily Booth

So proud of you!!


Peter And Narelle Haucke