A Charitable Chop With Ash

By Ashleigh Abboud

I’m doing it for cancer!

Cancer is a horrible disease that has had a significant effect on my family, specifically in the last few years. 

In 2019, one of my closest cousins, Maddison, was diagnosed with a form of leukaemia. She went through a great amount of suffering and many procedures, including the loss of hair, to battle the cancer. Luckily a year later, a kind donor donated cells for her stem cell transplant in order to completely conquer the horrible disease. Shortly after this, she was considered cancer free!

Late 2020, my one and only loving grandfather, Poppy or Alfred, was diagnosed with a harsh form of pancreatic cancer. He also lost his hair during the fight against the disease, undergoing countless procedures such as chemo and radiation throughout the end of 2020 and 2021. However, after fighting very very hard, Pop left us to go to a pain-free, healthy, and happy heaven on July 23rd 2021.

So in a very loving memory of Poppy and in honour of my cousin Maddy, I will participating in Cancer Council’s Ponytail Project to help their mission of a cancer free future. My hair currently hangs to 85cm from the crown of my head, and I will be chopping it to just around my collar bone, approx. 42cm shorter. This cut of mine alone will allow for the creation many natural hair wigs to be constructed for people suffering hair loss from cancer treatments.

Please help me support cancer research and provide vital services for Australians living with cancer by donating to this fund. I am very thankful and appreciative of your generous donations and support for this amazing cause. 

Thank you to my Supporters


Jamie And Leonie Furner.

You are doing a great thing my Beautiful GrandDaughter. So Proud of you. Nanny and Jimbo.xxxxx


Nina Versace

Great Job Ash xx


Charlotte Jones

super proud of you 😘 x


Maddison Walker

You’re amazing, thank you for doing this. ❤️ I’m so honoured and grateful you thought of me and it’s such an amazing tribute to the people who have and have had cancer. Love you Ash. X


Ashleigh Abboud



Good luck Ash. What a wonderful way to support others. Very proud of you.


Paul Jones

Good work Ash



This is so incredible. So proud of you girlie!!


Dianne Abboud

So proud of you Ash, hope you achieve your goal, Here’s to poppy


Frank Maltese


Kerrie Abboud

Very proud of you ash, couldn’t think of a better cause😘


Yianna Nikos

proud of you 🤍


Michelle Miles

So proud of you Ash, such a great cause 💛


Rosemary Markovski

Beautiful soul u are ash 💖


Mary Irwin

Good on you Ashleigh a very good cause


Donna Collier

Awesome work beautiful girl ❤❤


Agatha Keramidas

Great cause! Can't wait to see your new haircut.


Ngarie, Jo And Anna

Thank you for supporting such an important cause.


Brooke Ryan

Good luck Ash


Tahlia Huygens

You go girl!


Gemma Walker

Very proud of you Ash, what a great cause to be raising money and awareness for. Love you lots xx


Brandon Walker

Well done Ash ❤


Michaela Bennett

You are amazing xx


Tracey Keen


Liam Harmer


Denise Peters

Well done Ash, it’s a great cause, your poppy would be so proud of you.


Aleisha Kyprianou

Nice work Ash!!


Jess & Cam

Super proud of you 💛


Stacey Paxman

As a cancer survivor and someone who lost a mother and brother to pancreatic cancer, thank you for doing this. Every bit helps!


Cheryl And Raymond Dolman

Well Done Ashleigh 👏 great cause


Alex Banno

So proud of you ash <3


Henry @ Sue

Great cause. Hope you reach your goal.


Jun Okamura-joy


Belinda Moore

What a wonderful thing your doing for a great cause 💗Xx



Good on you big dog


Brianna Smith