Locks for loved ones

By Barry Savage

I’m doing it for cancer!

When I was 15 my life changed, I lost my Mum to cancer.

Mum had a beautiful smile and was always happy and that's how I will always remember her thanks to her support network (my Aunty Ann, her home care nurse, Mum's closest friends & my big sister) and I can never thank them enough for allowing me to remember Mum as the happy woman she was.

My younger sister & I never really understood what was happening because Mum's support network would do what they had to, to keep everything as normal as possible. They would care for her while we were at school, always help her get dressed & give her the pain relief she needed so when we walked in the door each afternoon she was happy & able to spend time with us, talking & laughing like nothing was wrong.

It's been 27 years since she left us & not a day goes by that I wish she could still be here.

Since my Mum, there has been so many people in my life who are no longer here because of cancer and more going through cancer treatment now & I wish this wasn't true.

17 years ago I got dread locks whilst travelling in England. I thought it was just a faze but they have ended up being a large part of who I am today. Because 1 in 2 Australians will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime, I’m losing my dreads to raise funds & support the Cancer Council in their mission for a cancer free future

Please sponsor me to support cancer research and provide vital services for Australians living with cancer.

With your generous donation, together, we can free the future from cancer.

Thank you to my Supporters


Hamid Khanchdar

You’re a good man # f^%k cancer



Cheers to our Mum's. Good on ya Baz xxx


Sharon Ellinsworth

Your mum would be so proud of you, she’ll be looking down on you on the day. She was one in a million, always had a smile on her face.


Wendy And Craig

Such a great thing you are doing... can’t wait to see the after photo! Wendy and Craig


Craig & Melanie Bowman

Looking forward to seeing your head without the locks Unkle. Great cause mate.


Rob Harrison

Good work Barry


Joanne, Andrew, Sophie & Maisie Xxx

Aunty Sue was the life of the party, loved by everyone, and missed by everyone. She gave me a crystal ornament for my 18th birthday, which I still treasure. Thanks for sharing your story Barry, and your mission, how good would a cancer free future be. Good luck with the hair cut. Thinking of you xxx


Candice Ellinsworth

Great job Buddy...Such a great cause. Your mum would be proud! x


Michael Sultana

Great work mate and for great cause!


Suzanne Marshall

Sending so much love to you Baz. This is a really great thing you are doing xx


Leigh Bornstein

About time! Good cause!


Nik And Danny

You're a good egg Barry. Sending much love x


Michael Lechner


Kathy Sciberras

Your Mum was a special lady. A great reason to say goodbye to the locks.


Heidi Chrissie + D

Sorry for your loss. What a marvellous, brave mission to take on. Happy to support. Sending you all love. F cancer! CH&D.




David Groves

Well done marra. We always used to talk about our mutual loss. It was always good talking with you. I didn't know your mam but I'm sure she'd be very proud of ye!


Christopher Brotton

Glad to give to a good cause, good luck Barry.


Joy Brotton

Well done Barry, Hope you achieve your goal Thinking of you and all our loved and lost ones. xxx