Who On Earth Do You Think You Are?

By Carol Marshall

Let's do it for our friends and family and work towards a cancer-free future!

We all know someone who has either had cancer or passed away from it.  Afterwards, our lives are never the same, not just for the sufferer but also for friends and family.  Sadly, I've already lost one dear friend to women's cancer, but I am thankful that a number of other friends are still with me today or are currently in remission.  In honour of the friend I've lost and to celebrate those who are still with us, I'm holding my annual Girls' Night In and hope you can all either make it along or support it in some way.  

This year the theme is Who On Earth Do You Think You Are, a chance to dress up and represent where we come from and/or which country/culture we relate to - because when it comes to cancer (and also in this crazy COVD world we live in),  it doesn't matter where in the world we're from, we all need to work together to beat it!  

Your support will power vital research, prevention and support services, making a difference to women in their most vulnerable time, now and into the future.  Together we can create a cancer-free future!  

Thank you in advance for your support.

Thank you to my Supporters


Carol Marshall


The Black Wiggle.

Is this gunna be every firkin year now ?


Lana Kleemann


Carol Marshall


Tracey Snape

Sorry I can’t come but hope you have an amazing time xxx


Mandy Campbell



Karina Day

Always a fabulous night for a very deserving cause 💓


Tracy Mcmillan

Thank you Carol for all your pre-planning & fantastic effort that goes into making your Cancer Fund Raiser "Girls Night In" the highlight of my social calender each year. Always more than happy to donate to a very worthy charity 💛


Carol Marshall


Natasha Rose




Simone Schmidt


Felicity Horgan

Thanks for hosting another Girls' Night In XX


Kathryn Garrett


Paula Taylor

Such a great cause Carol .Look forward to a great night 💕


Mary Archer

Would love to be there, but donating is next best. Enjoy your evening and hope you reach your target.


Jo Stolz

Love, love, love the work you do pulling this event together each year! Girl, your work changes the world. X


Rondelle Oster

Great work Carol! We need to do everything we can to stamp out this cruel disease and to support those fighting it. Have a fabulous night :-)


Kerri Terrell