Robins Nest - Plus Size Fashions Market

By Jules & Lissy (nee) Hayter

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We're doing it for Brain Cancer!

Friday 17th Nov

In memory of Robin Hayter a mother of 3 and Grandmother to 5 "Robin's Nest" is a collection of plus size perfect outfits, Robin dedicated her love of shopping for the best plus size fashions. Sadly Robin was diagnosed with Terminal Brain Cancer in June and lost her life shortly after on 2nd September 2017, just 4 days shy of her 56th Birthday. Her wishes were to give as much as possible to Brain Cancer Research, Robin signed an authority for her Tumor to be researched and stated that "She doesn't want anyone especially her beautiful Gran-babies ever having to suffer through this horrific cancer", so far we have raised only $250 from doing an initial market stall and participated in Walk for Brain Cancer 2017 which raised a total of  $1,445,759. We hope to raise at least another $1'000 or more by selling off many of these gorgeous outfits (some new and with tags), Robin also loved homewares and often re-arranged the house daily with different knick knacs which will also be for sale.