BRFC President Head Shave

Balls for Balls

I’m hosting a Balls for Balls fundraiser!

It’s time to get ballsy about men’s cancers! 

This year, more than 76,700 Australian men are expected to be diagnosed with cancer. I want to change this so I’m hosting a Balls for Balls fundraiser to raise funds for men’s cancers. 

Please sponsor me today. Money raised through Balls for Balls will help fund vital research into men's cancers and support those affected at every stage. 

Thank you for your donation!

Thank you to my Sponsors


David Batten


Kotevski Family

Good on you Dave, you will always have our support to help get rid of this shit of a disease. It’s taken too many peoples lives. F@ck cancer !


Goran Petrevski


Kimberley Morris



Great work Mr President. This is a great cause.





Not sure lot of hair to shave but a great cause. Well done Batto.



Congrats Batto on supporting a great cause. I think it will be a close shave.




Vince Azzopardi


Rebecca Robert