We all think about John / Jonny / Blacky / Dad, everyday

By Ellen Blackwell


In our case the amazing medical staff tried everything they had for Dad, treatment after treatment, getting harsher and harsher, but he ran out of options and the cancer won.

Leaving us all with a Blacky sized hole in our hearts. It still seems impossible to believe.

Miss you everyday Dad xx

Thank you to my Supporters


Jeff Snelgar

Go you good thing!


Kieran Hunt

Great cause Ellen, my Mum passed away early from bloody cancer and feel your pain!!



Good for you girl ❤️


Lawrence Billson




Shaun Knowles

Go for it Ellen


Joel Monaghan


Justin Rose

Hi Ellen, this means a lot to me also, my father has had significant cancer 3 times but was has been fortunate enough in surviving, well done on the initiative!


Andrew Meyerink

Enjoy the buzz cut! :)


Kyle Ludewick


Holly Mohr

Such a great thing you're doing Ellen. Thinking of you and your family


Carol Middleton/(blackwell)

He would be proud of you Elle


Howard Family

Lots of love ❤️


Jen Joyce


John And Paula

Go you Ellen!


Evans Karina

FU Cancer


Kirsten Graham


Jill Davis


Gibson Nolte


Dean Turner

Amazing work El!


Moe Aung

Yay go you!!


Diana Collini

He was such fun. He was the highlight of many birthday parties and I’ll always cherish those memories. Great cause El xo


David P

Good on you Ellen!


Florine Jourdain