Em’s baldness appeal

By Emmalee Pollard

I’m doing it for cancer!

I’m challenging myself to shave my hair to support Cancer Council in their mission for a cancer free future.

Many of those close to me have been affected by cancer, from my dad to an old teacher from my primary school. Watching my nana lose her fight last year to cancer was a hard time for us all, she fought for a long time. Now seeing an old primary school teacher battling cancer has made me realise that it’s a hard struggle no matter how hard you push through the day, you’ll always have the bad days. This ones for you and Nana 

Thank you to my Supporters


Simone Pollard

I love you Em, so proud ❤️


Katelain Pollard

So proud of you! 💞💞


Ash And Trav

Proud of you Emmalee


Sacha & Justin

Love and respect ✊ xxx


Kielyn Wheeler

You are amazing!!


Shanaya Gliddon



Good on ya sweetie! Your so brave, as many are with this horrible disease, it affects almost everyone xxxx


Carrie Gliddon


Dianne Little

All i can say is you are a awesome and very selfless women Love to you x


Peter Sargeant


Jo Guyton



Rob Lewin

Your support means so much Emmalee. God bless you.


Aunty Kel, Paul, Soph And Lucy Sherriffs

So proud of you and your determination and morals xxx You are beautiful inside and out ❤️


Khloe Britton

Good luck. You're doing an amazing thing. Embrace it. ❤





Go Em! Super proud of you xx


Emma Mcleod

Love you darling good on you I’m so proud of you and so proud to say I know you. I didn’t think twice when I did this I just did it for a friend I wish I thought to raise money for the cancer she had before I shaved it all off. I was too focused on her, you’re focusing on everyone you know with cancer and for that alone, I adore you even more. Absolutely selfless. <3


Ashton Hoover



Maxine Greenwood

Hey You A great gesture, I lost my dad so can relate, miss you hope to see you soon xxx


Teresa Forbes

Im in awe of what you are doing. You will look stunningly beautiful with or without hair. I wish I could give more. I too have lost loved ones to cancer, Best of luck with the fundraiser. Teresa x