Erin’s Do It for Cancer Fundraiser

By Erin Davies

Help me create a cancer free future!

I’m hosting a Girls’ Night In to change the future for all Queenslanders who are affected or has someone affected by cancer 

I would love for your support!  Come along to my Girls’ Night In or donate today on this page.  

By supporting my Girls’ Night In, you will contribute to freeing the future from cancer. 

Your support will be powering vital research, prevention and support services. Making a difference to so many in their most vulnerable time, now and into the future.

Together, we can create a future for all Queensland women.

My Updates


Saturday 28th Oct
Thanks everyone that has donated! We have reached our goal and gone way above expectations! Thank you so much again!

Thank you to my Supporters


Robyn Reeves

A great idea and cause Erin. Thank you for being such a caring person.


Tania Lewis


Jasmine Ruutz

love you erin so much for doing this you rlly are so kind to think to do this


Elle Lester


Emily Hockin



Hi Erin , this donation gets you to your goal . Well done Erin such a good cause as we all know in our family having lost people so close to us.


Jo Lewis


Nairi Fahey


Emerson Halley


Ella Cameron


Esther Timmer


Lizzie Cook


Karen Beckett