Jump for Breast

By Helen Cushing

Victoria’s story

Hello my name is Victoria and I am currently a cancer survivor. 2021 is a year I never thought would come, 10 years cancer free.
Everyone’s cancer journey is there own, due to variances of levels of adaptability, tolerance , resilience, emotions and support.Mine was all of those put together in a cocktail of hell for me and my family. I am, if you do not know me, an organised, planned and structured person, so for me to deal with the unknown is incomprehensible. This is what I got with Cancer, no control, guard down and just allow others to nurture and support me and tell me what I should do. Didn’t sit well with me, but I conformed and let go!
Cancer does not discriminate, does not care if you are a good or bad human , it just is and  you have to deal!
Through to the start to the finish of my Cancer Journey it has left me knowing who and what is important and what breath I will spend my time with, little tolerance to stupid, pity trainers and time wasters. 
In reflection of the hardest time in my life, I am wanting to give back, I had the greatest pleasure in meeting my Breast Care Nurse Margaret, who supported and pushed me to turn up each treatment, and called me knowing when I was down. 
So I am aiming to give back and raise funds for Breast Care Nurses as they have given me my resilience  and knowledge I have today to keep pushing what ever obstacles in my way. 
So please whether it be a gold coin , crunched up note in your wallet please spare some time and thought on what I am asking of you and please look to donate to my 10 year give back ! 
Love and bubbles Vic

Help me create a cancer free future through the Power of Pink!

I’m holding a Pink Ribbon fundraiser to change the lives of women affected by cancer.

Every day almost 70 women will hear those dreaded words “You have  cancer.” While the survival rate has increased, our work is far from over.

Cancer never rests, and neither can we.

That’s why I’m bringing everyone together - to raise funds to get us closer to a future free from cancer.  It’s the Power of Pink!

I would love you to join me and have your support!  Come along to my Pink Party or donate today on this page.  

By supporting my Pink Ribbon fundraiser, you will contribute to the work of Cancer Council. They work tirelessly across every area of cancer, from research to prevention and support. 

Your support will be powering this vital work, making a difference to so many in their most vulnerable time, now and into the future.

Together, we can free the future from cancer.

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