Colourful Hair for a Colourful Poppy

By Jayla Lawsen

I’m doing it for cancer!

I’m challenging myself to colour my hair for a week to support Cancer Council in their mission for a cancer free future. My name is Jayla and I'm a 10 year old girl who has watched my poppy go through being diagnosed with bowel cancer and have major surgery. This cancer has also now travelled to his lungs and he has been under going treatment for the past 9 years. I feel very passionate about fundraising for this so hopefully one day other children won't have to watch see or go through what my poppy has. I am doing this to support my poppy through this colourful life he is living at the moment.

Please sponsor me to support cancer research and provide vital services for Australians living with cancer.

Thank you for your generous donation. Together, we can beat cancer.

My Updates

Friday 27th Aug
My colourful hair for my poppy. Forever holding your hand


Friday 9th Jul
around 4 months ago, sadly my poppy passed away… I still wish to continue this donation since it will help with cancer research. thank you to everyone that is donating.

Thank you to my Supporters


Philip Ryall

Go Jayla. Keep being others centred ! Grandpop Mark is proud of you I’m sure!


Sam Ryall

You have a beautiful heart Jayla


Kelli Bryers

Well done Jayla :) A great cause that is very close to my heart xxx


Sam Ryall


Jeff And Bente Ryan

Totally support you and your poppy in this 💖 Jeff & Bente


Jacob And Grace Ryall

You’re truly beautiful Jayla - go for it!


Cus, Aunty Rin And Uncle Adam

Can’t wait to see your hair!


Naomi, Tim And Kai Ryan

Jay, you’re doing a wonderful job!!


Michelle And James Ray

Well done Jayla, what a great idea.


Kelly, Adrian, Riley & Jacob


Nana Aiyana

You are making such a difference Jayla to your Poppy and the world...


Lola Wonnacott


Eva Faunce

🥥💖🥑 go for it!