Jemma’s fundraiser

By Jemma Allen

I’m doing it for cancer!

I’m shaving my head to raise money for cancer.

Who ever pays the highest dollar value and is located in Queensland on the day, gets to do the honours.

I have too many loved ones who have had to battle cancer. Some won the battle, and are here to tell their story, and some, unfortunately lost the battle. But I am so proud of each and every one of my loved ones, and think of them everyday. 

I cannot begin to know what they went through, and I hope they never have to again. So when I shave my head and look in the mirror, I can know that the money I have raised is going to help families when this awful disease touches their family, and it will also remind me of the strength and resilience that my loved ones showed whilst they were going through their horrific life events.

The time and date of my shave for cancer is yet to be determined, however I will keep you all posted and send a link to those who would like to watch it live <3>

Thank you to my Supporters



Just would like everyone to know, Zach is a lid. Good luck Jemma!! Also, Zach, your sideburns need to be included in this.


Nicholas Palamara

Get Zachary and the puppies to do it as well 😂🤣


Me Myself And I

Good work Mrs Allen ❤


Jade Schmitz


Jemma Allen