Connecting to Kick Cancer

By Jenny Biancotti & Fiona Lee

I’m doing it for cancer!

Dear Family and Friends, 

As many of you know, we lost our Mum, Terry, at the age of 8 and 18 to lung cancer. She was just 37 (same age as Jen is now) when she died and sadly since that time the number of those affected by cancer has grown drastically and we know many of you share our experience of having a loved one affected by cancer. 

Since losing Mum however; we have been surrounded and supported by many amazing people over the years and that includes you! 

So we have decided to hold a fundraiser in memory of our Mum (and other loved ones affected by cancer) and in celebration of the amazing people that surround us. We hope to connect with you all to raise much needed funds for research to help kick cancer!


The statistics say that 1 in 2 Australians will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime, so lets get together, CONNECT AND KICK CANCER! Looking forward to seeing you there. 

Big Love

Fee & Jen 

Thank you to my Supporters


Jenny Biancotti


Annette Wilson


Natalie Richardson

What a fabulous cause, so sorry I can't be there, but wishing you every success in raising money :) Much love Nat xxx


Bec Ardagh

Sorry Sal and I won’t be there Jen, hope it’s a lovely afternoon xxx


Liz Cordina

Wish I could have been at the event! Great work on the fundraising Xx


Melissa Platt

Such a lovely idea, wishing you a very special day filled with love and memories xx


Rachel Catley

Dear Jenny and Fee, I would love to join you in memory of your mum and this wonderful cause. However it’s a long trip from Manila so I’ve sent my donation through and sending oceans of love your way .


Sarah Mcleod

Wish I could be there to support this great event but have a yoga workshop that day. Sending my love and look forward to catching up soon x


Marianne Cole



Giuliana Romeo

Dear Fee and Jenny, So proud of you both and very excited to be participating in this event, I know it's going to be wonderful! Love G x


Jo De Santos


Debbie Betty

What a beautiful thing to do in memory of your Mum and for cancer research ♥️


Emma Henley

Sorry I couldn’t be there today. Thinking of you girls and your wonderful mum. I hope today is a huge success and beautiful afternoon xx


Christine Steele

Hello lovelies, I'm sure the day will be a huge success (you'll smash that $goal!). Here is our contribution, sent with much love in memory of Aunty Terry xoxo


Paula Calleja

Good work!


Ely & Rosie Tesconi / Smart


Michelle Bingham


Natasha D'anna


Clare Hayman



Sorry I couldn't make the afternoon tea. Will be thinking of you xx


Amanda Lane


Lydia Caporrella


Tammy Fernandez


Justine Roberts


Julie Sinclair

Look forward to an afternoon with beautiful people for a great cause xx


Andrea Frater


Judith And Beth Whately


Susan Kolandasamy


Nichole D

For our beautiful mums, Fee & Jen xxx


Mariah Williams


Lisa Cornelius

Sorry I can't be there on Saturday, and thank you so much for the invite - please accept my donation as a contribution to such a worthy cause Lisa