Bye Bye Uterus and F* Off Cancer

By Joan Sullivan

Help me create a cancer free future!

This year, I’ve decided to do something a little different for my 35th birthday. 

As many of you know, in 2022, I was diagnosed with Endometrial Cancer- and had to have a hysterectomy. Thankfully it was found to be stage 1, and no further treatment was required, but many women aren’t so lucky,

Some facts: 

- Endometrial Cancer is the most common gynae cancer. 

- It’s the fourth most common cancer in women after breast, bowel and lung cancer. 

So that’s why I’m bringing everyone together - to raise funds to get us closer to a future free from women’s cancers. But also, to help support the amazing Cancer Council - the support and guidance they have offered me throughout the process has been incredible. 

I would love your support! So instead of gifts this year, I would really appreciate a donation to support this wonderful organisation and the meaningful work that they do. 

You can either donate on this page or at my annual Birthday Bash in March. Or a mix of both!

Thanks so much - the past few months have shown me how incredible my village is, and I’m sure this is something that we can absolutely all do together! 

Thank you to my Supporters


Michael Palmes

Happy birthday sis! Here's to a cancer free future. 🤞



Thank you for all you do for others.



Love you lots and hope this donation helps you get to your goal



Happy Birthday!



What a beautiful idea Jo. Happy Birthday and may there be many more to come. Love Mum


Gary And Fam


Elaine Gregg


Ashleigh Richardson

Thank you Joan for being such a positive role model for myself, our colleagues and all our kiddos at OSHC.


Nicola Whitford


Joan Sullivan


Angela Leicht

Happy birthday for tomorrow Jo!


Amanda Braybrook


Liam And Shaunna

Happy birthday Jo love Shaunna and Liam


Jane Simmons