Smiles, laughter and kicking cancer’s behind

By Jorgia White

My mum - my hero

If you’re lucky you often grow up admiring your mum. You nurse your baby born just like she nursed you inside the womb and out of it for as long as she could. You cry when she leaves you alone for your first day or preschool and you create endless pieces of art that show her just how special she is. 

Then one day you get big. She helps you navigate hormones, periods and everything in between. Your first broken heart, she’s there. She’s there through it all.  You think she’ll be there forever but sometimes that reality can change in the blink of an eye. 

In early 2019 my mum was diagnosed with bowel cancer. Since then the fight has been long, the goal posts, forever changing, the chemo, on-going and the mental battle to stay strong... well, it’s pretty exhausting. 

But she’s not alone. Every day almost 12 Queensland women will hear those words, “you have cancer”. 

That’s why I’m bringing everyone together to help raise funds and awareness. There’s a long road to travel but together the road seems so much less daunting. 

I would love for your support! Please donate today.