Team Tooley

By Kirstie Smith

Help me create a cancer free future!

Our family is hosting a Girls’ Night In to change the future for all Queensland women. We are each looking to fundraise and build each other's efforts up by turning our fundraising efforts into a sneaky family competition ;)

Every day almost 12 Queensland women will hear those dreaded words, “you have cancer” and while the survival rate has increased, there is still more work to be done. So many people are affected; women, men, children.

That’s why we are bringing everyone together - to raise funds to get us closer to a future free from women’s cancers.

I would love for your support!  Come along to our Girls’ Night In, or donate today on this page.  Feel free to nominate your donations to one of us; Andrew, Kirstie, Mia, Eve or Oliver so we can spur each other's efforts along.

By supporting us in our Girls’ Night In, you will contribute to freeing all of our futures from cancer. All cancer sucks!

Your support will be powering vital research, prevention and support services. Making a difference to so many in their most vulnerable time, now and into the future.

Thank you so much, Team Tooley. X