Lily's greatest shave

By Lily Thomson

I’m doing it for cancer!

I’m challenging myself to shave my hair to support Cancer Council in their mission for a cancer free future.

At the end of October 2018 i will brave the shave, 

Because 1 in 2 Australians will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime, more than 27,000 Queenslanders who will be diagnosed this year alone.I’m losing my locks to raise funds and show my support.  

If I reach my goal of $2500, my dad will join me in loosing his locks to show his support for the families battling cancer. 

Please sponsor me to support cancer research and provide vital services for Australians living with cancer.

Thank you for your generous donation. Together, we can beat cancer.

Thank you to my Supporters


Birdie And Granna

Dear Lily We are so proud of you and congratulations on reaching your goal this will help take you further. With Love



Couldn't NOT imagine you doing something like this Lily! Egg Salad Work!


Eliza Ellerby

Its a great thing your doing Lily


The Muirhead Family

Good job Lilly!! You are such an inspiration. We are so proud of you. xx


Mamma And Harry ????????

Beautiful Lily, we are so incredibly proud of you. You truly are inspirational, thoughtful, giving selfless and to us the most gorgeous girl. You are a ray of sunshine and we love you dearly. Love your new look - rockin it. Mumma and Harry xx


Narelle Daniels

Hey Lily - the timing of my donation was a close shave too! Thinking of you tomorrow when you show your courage and humour. Love Narelle


Franklin Constructions

Good work Lily!! (And your DAD) Happy to donate to such a very worthy cause. Hope you reach your goal.


Jim & Jo Cowan

Way to go Lily! Love you xx


The Macqueen Family

Congratulations Lily!!! We are all so very proud and happy to know you. The very best of wishes in reaching your goal. Love Bill, Nikki, Jessie, Patti, and Joe


William Dovers

Very well done, Lily; great to see you helping such a worthy cause. Bill


Des Cuffe

Make your father get a mowhawk!


Kerry Thomson

Hi Lily, Good on you Lily. Can't wait to see Dad have his done too :-) Make sure you send photos. Love Kerry


Zara Wareham

Gutsy effort Lily. I think your dad will be joining you!!!! Well done. The Wareham family.


Jaysen, Jayda And Henry Thompson

Rockstar Lily - fantastic effort and congratulations xx


Jake & Janie Corner

Fantastic effort Lily!!!


Nicole Morrison

Congratulations on your fundraising efforts, Lily (and for being brave enough to support such an important cause). Molly and the entire Morrison family are behind you!


Barnes Family

Great cause, Lily! Good on you for your selfless courage. Love from all the Barnesies xxxx



Such a worthy cause, Lily. Inspirational


The Mckenzie's

You are a champ Lil !! so proud and i hope you reach your goal. supporting you 100% xx


Ava Curtis

I'm super proud of you Lily, you are so brave! cant wait, and i love you so much! x


Steph And Dj

Well done Lil, such a great cause, your an inspiration to all of us xoxo


Ms Curties' Yr 9 Business Class

Hi Lily This is from the Ms Curties' Year 9 Business class. It's a portion of the profit that they made from their Ventures.



Well done Lily for supporting such a good cause. Very brave!!


Maree And Rob Brown

Well done Lily. You should be very proud of your achievement and raising money so much money for such a worthwhile cause


Jane Daniels

You rock Lily! Well done on surpassing your target. Love you, Harvey, Indigo, Jane and JP


Bo Morley

Wow Lily. What a great achievement. You should be feeling really proud of yourself. You look beautiful xxxx


Simon & Prue Lister

Well done Lily, this is a wonderful gesture and you are so pretty you will look stunning with a buzz cut!


Bela Guthrie

Lily you are such a legend


Janie Coutts

Wow!! 🤗 What an amazing achievement! You look fantastic and your Dad does too! 😉


Rachel Reiser

Well done Lil, this is such an impressive commitment!


Sharyn Clark


Georgie Gibson

Lily what a great cause and a brave decision by you! Well done


The Walsh’s

Lily Thompson you ROCK!!! We love you to bits gorgeous girl & could not be prouder. Biggest love & support. Daphne, Roark, Maya & Stella xxxx


Claire Lawler

So much strength, resilience and kindness! You are a radiant spirit Lil.



Very honoured to know such a brave and inspiring you lady! Well done Lily!!


Georgi + Her Family

Well done Lily! So proud xxx


Macey Fegan

I know it’s late but you’re amazing!


Roanna Trott

So Proud of you lily!!!


Tom And Jack Clydesdale

Hi Lily Great job for being brave to help fight cancer. Love Tom and Jack


Molly Morrison

So proud of you lil! You are so amazing xx


Harriet Tully

Way to go Lily!


Matt Marden

Very proud of you Lily! Well done on supporting such a great cause.


Kaylene Howard

You are amazing Lily!


Lucy Wallace

Well done Lily, from Lucy Wallace


David And Leigh


Alice Rogers

I am so proud of you Lil! You are amazing! xx


Jennifer Mclaughlin

So proud of you Lily. You are such a great role model and you give hope to all those, both young and old battling cancer at this very moment.


Alison Oatway


Lily Greenaway

It takes some guts to do something as incredible as this Lily. I would be more than happy to help you reach your goal xx


Louise Meehan

Good on you Lily! You've smashed your goal and that is worth celebrating.


Ally Weston

Your so brave to be able to do this lil, I can’t belive I know such a courageous person. xo


Helen Daniels

Wishing you every success in attaining your goal. Very proud of you Lily


Holly&clancy Clemson

Lily your a legend. Your so brave and amazing you go girl! So proud From Holly and Clancy


Sarah Daff

You really are an inspiration!


Danielle Bullion

Good luck reaching your goal Lily!


Mark Huebner


Mcintosh Family

So courages. Such a selfless act. All our love McIntosh’s


Kat Finlay And Girls

All the best gorgeous girl! So great of you Lily such a beautiful soul!


Melitta Firth

Go Lily!


Alex Borjesson

So proud of you Lily! It’s such a brave thing for you to do!! 💗


Ed Dalton

Well done Lilly !!


Andree Rice

Very proud of you Lily and the way you have done this all through your own initiative


Georghiou Family!

true inspiration! so brave, well done Lily x


Lucy Harkin

You inspire me Lily, so, so much.


P Vd


Catherine Sagin

Dear Lily, this is such a strong and heartfelt demonstration of compassion and solidarity. Awesome effort superseding your goal and being a stellar advocate! What a cool dad for getting involved and helping raise the stakes too. Miss Catherine


Maria Lowe

Good on you Lily. Sure hope you reach your goal so that dad shaves his locks too. Lots of love GAM xxxx


Lizzie, Leevi & Isobel

Good Luck Lily! You're an inspiration!


Molly O'hanlon

Such an incredible and inspiring girl!! So happy to help you reach your goal. You're amazing, from Molly and the O'Hanlon Family


Jayde Mccarthy

So brave of you Lily. I'm so happy to support you 💜💜


Emily & Lucy Sullivan


Alex Cashin

Great work Lily!!!


Annabelle Peart

Good Luck Lily - such a great cause!


Juliet Wynn

So proud of you Lil xx


The Philps

Well done Lily. The world is made great by gorgeous people like you.


Lily Alessandra

You are a star Lil!


Jen Mcgrath & Eve C

Well done! Heroic effort!


Selena Black

Hi Lily, As a breast cancer survivor, this really means a lot to me that young people like yourself are thinking of other people. It shows incredible compassion for others and I'm sure your friends and family are understandably proud of you. Wishing you every success. Love and best wishes, Selena


Sarah Cook

You are so inspiring Lil, this is such an amazing thing you’re doing. Couldn’t be more proud


Jeremy Parsons

Go Lil!!!!


Karen Collins

Well done and don't forget the sun protection until it grows back :)


Fiona Woodard


Lauren Barnfield

Amazing stuff Lil! Your so courageous and inspirational! xx


Juliette Johnson

You inspire me Lily!


Aurelia Byrne

Good Luck! You are so brave to be shaving your hair for cancer. I hope it all goes well x


Mrs Warrick

So proud of you Lily and your selflessness in putting your values into action.


Lily Chapman

You are a star who will change the world!! Love you lots Lil, you have my 100% support always xxx


Hannah Weatherley

great work!! so brave of you💗


Sask Macmillan

Good luck Lily xx


Kim Dowling

Good on you hunny xx


Deb Milgate

Go girl x You rock 🤟🏽


Renee Blackmore

You should be so proud of yourself for raising as much as you have! You're an incredibly brave young lady :-)


Georgia Perissinotto

Hear the Roar! Great work, Lily - from Georgia (12 Parker)


Ms Claire C

What an inspiration Lil! X


Ellen Bowden

Fantastic job Lily, your motivation makes me proud!


The Gallagher’s

Go Lil. Very inspirational


Jane Murtagh


Kyra Theodorou

Well done on supporting such a great cause Lily!




Sophie Young

I have never met you, but what you are doing is truely remarkable. Absolutely rock the skin head, you look beautiful and are so incredibly courageous xo


Meera Miller

Well done to you! Such as great cause. hope you love it!


Lily Glennon

Sorry I couldn’t add the extra 34 cents I’ll give it to you in person. Love you x