Lisa Finch

Levi Burpee for cancer

Thank you to my Supporters



All the best Lisa!!


Ric & Maree Finch

Keep up the good work Lisa, very proud of you supporting such a good cause.


John Gordon


Steve Baker

You are awesome!


Lauren Hoskins

This may be your worst idea yet. Good work!


Debra Mccormick

Go Lisa you got this


Emma Ashcroft

You’re a legend Lisa! The thought of 500+ burpees makes me feel beyond gross!!


Felix Rosario

Good Luck Lisa. Be Amazing!!


Amy Brown

Good luck Lisa!!! I’m sure you will do awesome!


Rob & Pauline Mcwilliam

So proud of you


Ryan Aguiar

Enjoy ur burpees


Rebecca Mclean

Great work Lis! x


Shani Webb

Absolutely a great idea! Aim as thigh as you can ;)


Colby Poyner


Deanne Myles


Crystal Peel


Tenielle Pedersen