Pink Slips for Pink Ribbon Month

By Lydia Stjepanovic

Pink Slips for Pink Ribbon Month

We are undertaking the first step to what we hope will be a movement, an entire month where all Pink Slips are donated toward the Cancer Council in the month of October. We are sowing the first seeds to what we hope will go beyond us, supporting the Cancer Council's Mission for a cancer-free future. 

1 in 2 Australians will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime; in 2020 we were directly affected by friends and family members having been diagnosed with cancer. It sucks! It sucks going through it and watching our loved ones going through it - and frankly, change can only happen if we help change happen. 

Come in to get your Pink Slips (registration check) done with the cost of the pink slip will be donated, or just leave a donation here! 

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Pink Slips for Pink Ribbon Month Comes to a Close

Sunday 31st Oct
As October 2022 comes to a close, we reflect on the month that has been. 

We embarked on this journey through personal circumstances. So many shared their stories with us; their trials and tribulations with personal cancer stories or their shared experiences with those closest to them. They were moving; heartbreaking, enlightening, transformative, inspirational. 

We know this year was going to be hard, with no idea how COVID-19 would impact us, yet we persued. This was important, not only for us but for the community. Cancer is horrid, those you think are so strong are just keeping it together. 

We wanted to host Stiff Cancer - Let's Coffee, however, we had to cancel the event considering the circumstances in Sydney in August, we had no idea what life would look like in October. Next year - we will be back, better than ever! Coffee drive-through event and all. 

Until then, for those suffering, for those supporting, for those who've lost, you're not alone. We all have a story to tell, tell your story and you never know who you will touch, help, move, motivate, even change someone's life. Be strong! 

Thank you to my Supporters


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Regos conducted on 25/10-29/10


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Registration Checks from 11/10 - 15/10


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Regos conducted 18/10-22/20


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Registration Checks completed 4/10-8/10


The Farrells

Knowing first hand how sucky cancer is, your efforts in raising awareness is amazing! Well done!


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Registration Checks completed 1/10/2021


Moira Swords

We’ll done Lydia & Igor - fantastic initiative & leading the way😊



Love the work you guys do for others - so generous!



You're doing something amazing - I'm happy to stand behind this cause


Pete Hayden