Hemmy's shave

By Owen Hemsworth

I’m doing it for teenagers with cancer

Im 16 years old from australia with to much hair. no better way then to shave it for cancer

My Updates

doing it for teenagers with cancer

Wednesday 13th Oct
am 16 and have to much hair so no better way to get rid of it then for cancer

Thank you to my Supporters


Rebecca Dromgold



Adam Hemsworth

Well done. Great choice donating to Charity




Kieran Savery

Good on you buddy


Justin Bisa

It is a great thing you are doing. It is amazing the amount of money you are raising for a fantastic cause Owen. You are making a difference for people that need help. Well done.


Adam Norton

Good job mate


Shana Schiwy

Well done Owen! 😃


Kalaa Hall

let me shave your head


Ray And Nat


Jason Zarew

Gone. Be sad to see all that hair all gone, but for a great cause.


Lisa Barber

Will pay to see the hair gone


Finn Bissell

Good on ya big fella xx



Better late then never


Mother Hemsworth

Yay to no more mullet!


Kaleb Gowland

daddy hemsworth sez says hi



On ya Hemmy!


Tessa Z

Go Owen 🥳💜



Sorry, I don’t have much. But good luck


Michaela Slater

Nice one Gowen. Such a great cause


Alex Beake


Nanna & Pop

You’ll need to wear a beanie so your head doesn’t get burnt.


Taylah G

Great cause, good work Owen. I want to see the head shave 👊🏻 Race you in the next 400



Nice work mate good cause, can’t wait to see the egg head in the pool


Lilly Hemsworth

I’m still the fav child, anyways good job




Liam, Saki, Bill

Send it




Sasha Rauraa


Lucy Z