Juggling Challenge Raine

Balls for Balls

I’m hosting a Balls for Balls fundraiser!

It’s time to get ballsy about men’s cancers! 

This year, more than 76,700 Australian men are expected to be diagnosed with cancer. I want to change this so I’m hosting a Balls for Balls fundraiser to raise funds for men’s cancers. 

Please sponsor me today. Money raised through Balls for Balls will help fund vital research into men's cancers and support those affected at every stage. 

Thank you for your donation!

Thank you to my Sponsors


Joel, Virlane And Kino Mendoza

This is great. We support you!!


Zeke Sunglao

Great job Raine! We’re proud of you!


Lola Naty


Lolo Aro



Keep up the good work ! I want to see those juggles ! We are proud of you


Sonia Nadan

Great work Raine!


Su Mitchell

Go Raine.


Martin Virveste

Go Raine! You got this! 👍


Coach Dave

Go Raine