Girls' Night In with Bec

By Rebecca Wurst

Help me create a cancer free future!

Hi friends... Bec here. I am passionate about raising funds for cancer research, especially as I am aware of how this illness can affect so many people. Two beautiful ladies from my workplace passed away from breast cancer. Other friends & family members have also battled breast cancer or other cancers. My family have a history with skin cancer & my husband, Dan, has had 2 melanomas removed.

I’m hosting a Girls’ Night In 'Painting Session' with some besties, to change the future for all South Australian women. Last year we raised $799! My goal is to raise $800 or more this year!

I would love for your support!  You can donate between 24th October - 21st November on this page.  

Your support will be powering vital research, prevention and support services. Making a difference to so many in their most vulnerable time, now and into the future.

Together, we can create a future for all South Australian women.

Thank you to my Supporters


Daniel Wurst


Tarina Revink

Loving your dedication to raising money lovely 😊


Donna Kammermann




Jenni Barrett

Great job Bec! Can't wait to paint up a storm sometime in the near future :-)


Laura Z

Well done Bec!


Stacey O''sullivan


Nicole Brown


Rebecca Wurst


Anna Leditschke


Amanda Bone

Bless you Bec, a worthy cause