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I'm Doing It For Cancer.

Wednesday 18th Nov
As most of my family & friends are aware, I have previous put myself forward to do Shave for a Cure raising funds for Luekemia, I shaved my hair twice & This year i registered to dye my hair pink in order to raise funds for Breast Cancer Research. I have just registered too colour my hair for 'Do It For Cancer'- Raising funds for all Cancers but more specifically for lung Cancer. In 2016, I lost my Poppy to lung cancer. This impacted mine and my families life big time. I am trying to make a difference so that it doesn't affect anyone else's families like it has mine.

This Fundraiser i will be dying my hair, my goal is to dye it like a rainbow using cancer colours to support any and all types of cancer. The main Colour I will choose Blonde/White to support lung cancer. 

Thank you to my Supporters


Annie Davies