$1000 Buck Beard

By Tom Vickers

I’m doing it for cancer!

It’s coming up a year since the last shave so it’s the perfect time to shave this feral thing off in the name of charity! Help me raise some serious coin and clauds mite even let me grow another one in the future 

I’m challenging myself to shave my beard to support Cancer Council in their mission for a cancer free future.

Because 1 in 2 Australians will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime, I’m losing my beard to raise funds and show my support.  

Please sponsor me to support cancer research and provide vital services for Australians living with cancer.

Thank you for your generous donation. Together, we can free the future from cancer.

Thank you to my Supporters


Frank & Jane

good to see it going !! and to a really good cause


Ben Vickers

White cheeks


Simon & Sarah Temple-pedersen

That’s been a long time coming!


Claudia Temple-pedersen

Best news finally!! :)



Delighted for Claudie & for a great cause 👏🏼👏🏼


Nic, Mandy, Jed & Stu

Nic is reluctant to encourage any man to shave a beard but we've come together for the greater cause....... and Claudies sanity and your impending marriage..... As Hamo said....... 50 for the beard, 50 for the head


Pee Wee

Nice work matey, love it! ....Loooooong over due for a trim ya pirate!



Terrible idea g :(


Kevin Gohery


Alex Debono

When you shave it off can you glue it on my face Chur Kia Ora G


Vin And Holly

On yah bro, Clauds will be stoked!


Scott Mckenna


Ross Haagman



It was good while it lasted mate. Clauds must be delighted


Ollie S

A fish fish fishay



Good egg!


Erin Austin

The day has finally come!





Can’t wait to see these tan lines. I’ll have my camera ready


Tim Yates

Your chin is going to be pasty white. Lol


Nathan Malatzky


Amber Nickson



Katherine Johanson

Yay for Claudia 🥳


Katrina Carter

Good on ya Tom! I’m donating for the good cause and also for you not to grow the beard again! Poor Claudy.



This’ll be good


Sarah Piesse

Technically this donation is for Claudia - I've been witness to the distress it's caused for the last 365 days, I'm looking forward to support her journey to happiness again!


Sam Aimer Seton