Zeph's 40s - Donations instead of gifts

By Zephyr Chang

I’m giving up my gifts!

Hey Guys, 

I am turning 40 next Tuesday. 

It hadn't been easy in the past year but I think I’ve been doing pretty well especially with the support from the family and the resources I have received. 

For this milestone (of being 40), I am holding my 40th Fundraiser with Cancer Council Australia. The raised fund will go to Cancer Support Services to help those who are struggling mentally, emotionally, physically and financially, etc. 

Let’s support the fighters (and their families). If you are wondering what to buy me for my 40th, how about giving a donation instead of gifts? It's just a few clicks away and it is truly appreciated.

Thank you for your donation (gift). 

*This fundraiser starts from 13/01/2021 to 11:30 pm 19/01/2021.

Thank you to my Supporters


Rach And Justin

Happy Birthday Zeph! Lots of love Rach & Justin.


Sharon B

Your an ispiration and a fighter



Don’t let it beat us! (But that needle of the monthly injection looks so scary...hope I will never need it. Fingers crossed)


Katie Chang

Dear Zephyr Happy 40th birthday 🎈 Wish u stay healthy and happy😇 Love u always Katie xoxo


Sharon Chen

Happy 40th Birthday! You are an inspiration! I hope this year is a wonderful year for you and your loved ones.



Wishing you a 40th year filled with lots of love and happiness, I dont need to say strength as superheros dont need that! 😊 Heres cheers to a happier and healthier 2021 to you Super Zeph




Stef Gangemi

Happy birthday Zephyr 🥳 I hear they say ‘Life begins at 40’, so wishing you a lifetime of good fortune, laughter and new adventures! Xx



Happy birthday to my favorite person in the world. Wishing you good health and happiness. Hope this is going to be a wonderful year for you. Xo


Huai Wu

Happy birthday



Happy birthday 🥳


Amy Lunney

THE BIG 40, Happy Birthday Zephyr May this year's chalanges be easy on you, living out the last year of your thirties presented you with breast cancer and you have been an amazing trooper through it all. You Go Girl! Xo Have a great day on the Bday Day :)


Carnie And Torben

Happy birthday, Zephyr!