Dedicated to dad x

By Taipo Dougal-Helu, Joyce Dougal-Sefatu & Robert Dougal #doitforcancer

From Rob

Sooo... it’s hard being apart from my sisters and being in NZ with dad and his x3 cancers...

He has been the rock of the family for as far as I can remember and mum has been the glue...

Seeing my sisters do this makes me want to support them and also support the cause.. we have lost family to cancer, friends to cancer and all i really want to do is be angry and fight cancer - but cancer leaves you no person or object to fight - only your tears and heartache and pain...

So any donation towards a search for a cure would be much appreciated, and step towards that dream is a step in the right direction - a step towards saving lives and saving families.

Let’s get there together.

Much Love, Aroha, alofa whatever language you can think of :) 


From Joyce x

Seeing my sister work herself up to do this got me teary and thinking 'i can do this too'. I'm glad we are doing this together, I couldn't see her do it alone let alone myself.

My brother has also opted in and will be joining us from NZ! I'm so happy to be doing this alongside my siblings.

My dad has been battling cancer for so long, and to see him take it day by day with such strength gets me emotional.
He is my hero!

Over the years I've had my loved ones, friends lose their loved ones to this & some who are still here like dad fighting battling this on going sickness.

We are doing this for dad, our loved ones & your loved ones. To help research & continue to find ways to care for our nearest and dearest.

Any donation is appreciated, a little goes a long way.

Love & Blessings - Joyce xo

Always better together x

After opening up to my siblings about my decision to go through with shaving my head to raise funds for Cancer research, never in a million years did I think they would jump on board and opt to both shave their own heads in support of such an awesome cause.

It is something that is so close to home for all of us, and I feel so blessed to not be doing this alone.

 Joy & Rob, you two are the best siblings a girl could ask for and I'm forever grateful for the two of you x

I’m doing it for cancer!

I won't lie, I'm sh!t scared to be taking this on, but it's nothing compared to the challenges and fears that those who are living with cancer are facing.

Some of you may not know this, but my dad has been living with cancer for the past 13 years. Prostate, Bowel & Myeloma - these are the cancers that dad is currently battling. My dad has been the perfect example of strength and resilience, and I strive to make him as proud of me as I am to be his daughter.

 1 in 2 New-Zealanders and Australians will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime, I’m shaving my hair to raise funds and show my support.  

Please sponsor me to support cancer research and provide vital services for those like dad who are living with cancer.

With your donation, together, we can help free the future from cancer.


Thank you to my Supporters


Colin Beaty

Enough now,this needs to end. Go Guys!!


Michelle Whatarau

Arohanui xx


Ruta Tanai

I am lost of words fam. I just want to say you have my support all the way. I love u uncle bob. And God bless this journey. You three are true heroes love u all. God bless..💖💖😍😍😍😍


Sarote Tautinoga



This is a beautiful form of Love that you show for Dad. Nothing but Love for you our Dougal Family❤️ Love - Tauileva’s


Jason Roache

Beautiful sis Joyce and to your family. Much love and support to you all. God Bless ❤️❤️


Hayley Tuluauau

Supporting you and your siblings my sis - such a personal thing to myself also with family battling the same - your all amazing kids and yes let’s keep fighting - let’s find a cure love, light and blessings on the journey your all about to embark💕


Sili Sefatu

I am so proud of you family. What a big sacrifice seeing you all do this for the love of dad and our loved ones. My wife Joyce i know how hard this is for you but I will be holding your hand through this journey. To see your siblings do this too brings me so much joy. Power family! Love you guys and supporting you all 100%. Godbless you


Anna Dougal


Tyllis Helu

Sooo incedibly brave of you all. I Love You!!!


Sammy & Yahyah Tuimalo

Love this fam ❤ youse got this xx #ForBobbyBoy❤❤❤


Norman-mitchell & Zavier Erick

Dads a fighter! Having his kids behind him, supporting in this way is absolutely beautiful ♥️


Elora And Anaya Mumm

Sending you all love❣


Caitlyn Lewis


Stacey Storch-tyson

Great work Joyce & Co! What a great group effort to support an amazing cause.



Love you Ati & Ako xx


Sara Harding

So proud of you all for doing this to honour your family xx


Stuart Allan


Mashhuda Raghav

Sending you inspiring humans lots of love and light x


Amanda Ah Colt

Hi guys it’s Amanda Ah Colt Lotoās daughter not sure if you guys remember me but I still remember when me and mum came over to NZ long time ago you guys made us feel like home back then and I remember aunty Peka telling mum about uncle Bobs got cancer and it amazed me how far uncle had overcome every obstacles on the way especially with this bloody cancer I just hope that one day I’ll get to see you guys again!! P.S.I know $50 is not much but I just hope that this money will help in any way to deal with uncle Bobs cancer.Alofa atu Family


John Shorrock

Go Joyce, a great cause all the best. John


Greg Taylor

One tough dad. Best wishes to all !!


May Timote

I love you all always 💙💙💙


Lyn-marie Kolbee


Yazmin Mccourt

So proud of yous fam, supporting yous all the way. Sending so much love to you all esp your dad. Love me & mine. 🌻💛


Viane Kalolo

Proud of you fams, you’ll always have our support❤️ Love K.Tribe


Neil Cain

all the best for the family take care stay safe


Lilz Tautunoga

This is so beautiful! It's the little things that make such a big impact.. and this has impacted me in such a big way! Joyce, you and your siblings are amazing sis!!


Gill Violett

What a great family effort. I'm sure your Dad is blown away. Sending love to you all


Helen Brennan

Big hugs to you all - such a selfless brave way to show love and support - you will all look gorgeous of course!


Gisele Mulholland

Sending all my love, prayers and thoughts to you and your family, Joyce <3 #doitforcancer


Alisha Laulu


Salomi Moala

Aunty Kepi was there supporting my mum with Canteen 🥰. Thank you from the bottom of our Tongan toes 😂. Ofa Lahi Atu from Salomi and her parents 💕 xox.



Sending all our love and prayers family! #fkcancer


Doni Helu

Love yous


Akata Motuliki

Awesome! Ofa atu guys x


Jess Conibeer

What a brave amazing thing you guys are doing.. Thank you!


Stephanie Summerhayes


Olivia Macpherson

Very inspiring and brave, sending love to you all.


Taipo Dougal-helu